FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. How many businesses or properties can I enroll under the service plan?
A. There is no limit; however, each home or property will be billed separately.

Q. Do I have to be the owner of the home, business or property?
A. No, you do not have to be the owner, but the owner must co-sign the service contract.

Q. Can I cancel my club membership?
A. Yes, the member has fifteen business days after signing the service contract to cancel w/o penalty.

Q. Why should I enroll in R.H.M.C.?
A. For a variety of reasons; such as youíre just not handy, you donít have the time, or you just donít want to fix every thing that needs to be fixed when it needs to be fixed, and best of all, because it saves you money annually and the work is done right.


Q. What are some of the benefits in having an R.H.M.C. service plan?
A. The service plan will help the member keep their property at top market value. One annual fee instead of outrageous home repair cost thru out the year. The piece of mind knowing your home / business is covered by a company that is capable of fixing any problem that may occur.


Q. When is my payment due?
A. Once you have fully read the service plan agreement, payment is due once the contract is signed. 15 days after signing of the contract your service plan will take affect.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
A. R.H.M.C. accepts checks, money orders, and any major credit card.

Q. As a club member am I required to pay for parts and/or labor?
A. Members are only responsible for the parts / supply necessary to do the repair / project.