Home Maintenance for Less than $199 Annually

Rok’well Home Maintenance Club Inc.
 the first annually paid home maintenance services company. Founded in 2003 R.H.M.C. felt the cost of home maintenance was  out of control. We wanted to create an affordable service package that could benefit all home owners. R.H.M.C.’s  service plan is the first of its kind, and becoming a member will be to a home owners advantage. Our members are able to use all services (painting, heating, carpentry, etc.). Also, members can take advantage of our renovation, remodel and new construction estimate match. The goal is to team up with our members to handle all maintenance issues, while providing quality and professionalism all for $10 a month. R.H.M.C.’s staff members are also homeowners just like you. We understand that things in the home need to be done, the costs and time it takes to get them done. Let us be your home maintenance support team. 

Our mission is to aid our members with home maintenance,at an affordable rate.

Quality home care at an affordable price.

 You’ll appreciate it.

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