R.H.M.C’s service plan guarantees to be the  best defense against expensive home maintenance cost. Having a maintenance team means no expensive billing for simple task, no bidding on project’s, meeting new technicians and no disappointments after promises made. Homeowners saw the value became members, and remained members.

What are some of the benefits in having an R.H.M.C. service plan?


Paying an affordable 10 monthly fee instead of outrageous repair cost. Knowing R.H.H.C has a full range of services with technicians and mechanics with tears of service in their respected fields.

The purchasing and delivery of all parts and material are the sole responsibility of the member.

Members may arrange to have parts, and material supplied by R.H.M.C by filling out the request form. TD 8928.

Any Questions please  contact us.


$100 membership fee.

$10 for monthly.

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